Betsy Graziani Fasbinder – Speaking Coach & Memoirist

Betsy Graziani Fasbinder speaks at writers’ conferences all over the country and coached writers for their book launches, agent pitches, media interviews and book promotions. She is known for “demystifying” public speaking for them and showed them how to gain the confidence needed to talk with passion about their books and their ideas.  Teaching fellow writers, offering them practical skills, inspiration, and a way to playfully overcome stage-fright is a passion of hers.

She has been a public speaking trainer speaking skills for more than twenty years with  Fortune 500 companies, with non-profit organization leaders, along with artists and authors.



Betsy will teach these sessions at CAC19:

  • From Page to Stage: Inspiration, Tools, and Public Speaking Tips for Writers
  • Memoir Writing Craft


  • Manage and often overcome their fears of public speaking
  • Launch their books, projects, and businesses with a confident, authentic voice
  • Discuss their passions with authenticity and impact
  • Use a simple storytelling structure to design their content efficiently, and tailored to their goals and specific audiences
  • Engage listeners by creating memorable content and meaningful connection to listeners
  • Prepare to participate on panels, in media interviews, and other “conversational” presentations
  • Adapt their content for workshops or conference talks
  • Speak comfortably in virtual environments: conference calls, video, audio presentations, and podcasts
  • Handle challenging questions and strong opposition from listeners by defending their position without getting defensive
  • Master the use of visuals like PowerPoint or whiteboards to enhance their message, rather than compete with it
  • Learn to value being “present” over being “perfect” so that authentic connections are made with listeners

Memoir Writing Craft:

Whether working with a memoirist facing a troubling memory or a fiction writer experiencing the loud voice of the “inner critic”, Betsy offers structure and support techniques to writers in overcoming the obstacles of fear and doubt as they write.

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