Publisher: Coppersmith Publishing LLC (2015)
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Beautiful and imaginative, Flowerantha is a magical tale of two young girls who fall through a portal into an unknown world. With the help of restless boy Mash and aspiring soldier Bushraal, Beverly and May Lynn must travel among rising tensions to make it home safe.

No visitors have traveled to Flowerantha since its last visitor turned corrupt and started a war ten years prior. Mash is a young tree dwelling boy who desires nothing more than to go to the strange land that the visitors come from. When Mash finds out there are visitors, he volunteers to help them get home with the intention of following them through the portal.

Getting Beverly and May Lynn home is not as simple as initially believed. Magic is weakening, and Bushraal, ready to prove his worth as a future soldier, sees Mash as a burdened addition to his quest. All must put their particular prejudices aside to keep Flowerantha off the brink of another war and to keep two innocent girls protected on their journey home.

Bek Castro is a skillful writer who excels at building a world that feels alive. Flowerantha is a world saturated with magic and is in everything from the flowers that cover the sprawling landscapes to the wishing abilities of its people. The success and beauty of this short novel come from its central theme that no matter if a family is small, big, or adopted, they are all still family. Loss of loved ones is also prevalent and is not simplified for the sake of young audiences.

Settle in a comfy car during a rainy spring day and learn all about the world of Flowerantha as the rain feeds the flowers outside.

Floweranta won First Place in the 2017 CIBAs for Early Readers, the Gertrude Warner Awards.