Publisher: Immortal Works (2019)
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In this fast-paced legal thriller, young attorney Jessie Martin faces multiple crises in both her personal and professional lives when her former high school teacher and beloved mentor calls in the middle of the night to confess a crime. He has just committed murder.

Jessie feels compelled to help Terrance Butterfield, after all the many times he has come to her aid, so she rushes to his side over the protests of her fiancé, and in spite of her third-trimester pregnancy.

When she arrives, she finds herself plunged into the depths of a nightmare that has only just begun. The ending will either make or break Jessie and everything she holds dear. As well as the lives and careers of everyone caught up in the bloody mess.

Although this story begins with Jessie receiving the titular midnight call, the pace of the story is driven by the investigation into the crime, the defendant, and eventually into Jessie herself.

The maneuvering of both legal teams sets a frenetic pace, as the District Attorney is driven to prosecute what turns out to be a high-profile case in the press as well as the courtroom. While the defense attorney sees the case as a way to solve his financial problems, feed his adrenaline addiction, and put himself back on top as the maverick defender with a nose for finding the weak spots in any case.

The punch and counterpunch between the rival legal teams push the story forward at a high-speed, as they maneuver both in and out of the courtroom. The revelation of new information, about both the crime and the people involved in it, is nothing short of fascinating.

As the case builds, Jessie’s life falls apart, and all her long-held secrets are laid bare. During these instances, the pacing slows a bit, in juxtaposition to the back-and-forth battles between the legal teams. The legal strategy and the courtroom battles create an intense page-turner of a book.

The ending of the case does an excellent job of making the reader – and the defense team – question every single thing that came before.


The Midnight Call won First Place in the 2014 CIBAs in the CLUE Awards.