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Cygnus Award for Science FictionThe Cygnus Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Science Fiction, Steampunk, Alternative History, and Speculative Fiction. The Cygnus Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer International Book Awards and Novel Competitions (The CIBAs).


Chanticleer International Book Awards is looking for the best books featuring space, time travel, life on other planets, parallel universes, alternate reality, and all the science, technology, major social or environmental changes of the future that author imaginations can dream up for the CYGNUS Book Awards division. Hard Science Fiction, Soft Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction, Cyberpunk, Time Travel, Genetic Modification, Aliens, Super Humans, Interplanetary Travel, and Settlers on the Galactic Frontier, Dystopian, our judges from across North America and the U.K. will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

Congratulations to the 2019 CYGNUS Book Awards for Science Fiction Semi-Finalists! All Semi-Finalists will be recognized at the 2020 Chanticleer Authors Conference and the 2019 CIBA banquet and ceremony.

Presenting the 2019 CYGNUS Book Awards Semi-Finalists:

  • Lawrence Brown – David: Savakerrva, Vol. 1  
  • William X. Adams – Intelligent Things  
  • Erick Mars & Mike Wood – A Legacy of Wrath  
  • Richard Mann – Purpose  
  • Callie Smith and Maura Smith – Fort Snow 
  • Andrew Lucas McIlroy – Earthling  
  • Paul Ian Cross – The Lights of Time   
  • Robert M. Kerns – It Ain’t Over…  
  • J. I. Rogers – The Korpes Agenda  
  • Paul Werner – Mustang Bettie    
  • Mart Sander – The Goddess Of the Devil  
  • Rey Clark – Titan Code: Dawn of Genesis  
  • Trever Bierschbach – Embers of Liberty 
  • Tim Cole – Insynnium  
  • Sandra J. Jackson – Playing in the Rain  
  • Samuel Winburn – Ten Directions
  • Jacques St-Malo – Cognition  
  • Timothy S. Johnston – The War Beneath  
  • Shami Stovall – Star Marque Rising  
  • Terry Persun – BIOMASS Rewind 
  • Darrell Lee – The Apotheosis  
  • David C. Crowther – City of Drowned Angels  
  • Stephen Martino – The Final Reality   
  • K.N. Salustro – Light Runner  

Good luck to all as your works move on the next rounds of judging for the limited 2019 1st Place Category Positions and the 2019 CYGNUS Book Awards Grand Prize.

The 2019 CYGNUS Grand Prize Winner and the Five First Place Category Position award winners along with the Semi-Finalists will be recognized at the April 18th, 2020 Chanticleer International Book Awards Annual Awards Gala, which takes place at the Chanticleer Authors Conference,  Bellingham, Wash. 

Cygnus Award for Science Fiction


We are now accepting submissions into the 2020 CYGNUS  Awards writing competition. The deadline for submissions is April 30th, 2020. The winners will be announced on April 2021.

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