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The I & I Book Awards recognize emerging talent and outstanding works in non-fiction for instruction, guidance, self-help, how-to,  and insight. The I & I Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (The CIBAs).

Chanticleer International Book Awards is looking for the best books featuring HOW-TO, Guidance, Travel Guides, Cookbooks, Instruction, Insight, Self-Help, and more. This books have been put to the test and the best will advance to be declared winners of the prestigious I & I Book Awards.

Editor’s Note: Some works have been moved to the new non-fiction division titled the Nellie Bly Book Awards. This new division is in response to the request from the Chanticleer International Book Awards judges to acknowledge the many outstanding works that were entered into the Instruction & Insight Book Awards and the Journey Book Awards for Narrative Non-fiction. The Nellie Bly Book Awards recognize outstanding journalistic works and investigative pieces.  After reviewing the comments from the judges along with their suggestions, we decided to recognize these works and create a more fitting division in the CIBAs — the Nellie Bly Book Awards. We will also transition a works of the spiritual nature into another new division for the 2020’s titled the Mind & Spirit Book Awards.

So without further ado, please join us in cheering on the following authors whose works comprise the FINALISTS of the I & I Book Awards for Instructional and Insightful Non-Fiction.

Congratulations to the I & I Book Awards Finalists!

    • Marcus Kirsch – The Wicked Company    
    • Rob Davis – What Goes Around Comes Around – A Guide To How Life REALLY Works  
    • Corinne Miller Schaff – Art For All Ages: Reignite Your Artistic Self    
    • Jennifer R. Karchmer – A Proofreading Companion: Tips, Tools & Strategies for the Professional Proofreader
    • Donald M. Rattner – My Creative Space: How to Design Your Home to Stimulate Ideas and Spark Innovation, 48 Science-based Techniques    
    • Donna Cameron – A Year of Living Kindly: Choices That Will Change Your Life and the World Around You     
    • Carole Bumpus – Searching for Family and Traditions at the French Table, Book One, Savoring the Olde Ways Series    
    • Margaret A Hellyer – A Home on the South Fork    
    • Ellen Notbohm – Ten Things Every Child with Autism Wishes You Knew    
    • Nancy J. Cohen — A Bad Hair Day Cookbook
    • Lisa Boucher – Raising The Bottom: Making Mindful Choices in a Drinking Culture     
    • Tikiri Herath – Your Rebel Dreams: Discover Your Purpose and Passions to Power Up Your Life 
    • Brad Borkan and David Hirzel – When Your Life Depends on It: Extreme Decision Making Lessons from the Antarctic     
    • Ryan M. Chukuske – Bigfoot 200: Because, You Know, Why the #@&% Not?     
    • David A. Bossert – Kem Weber: Mid-Century Furniture Designs for The Disney Studios Design 

    The Finalists and the Semi-Finalists will be recognized at the VIRTUAL 2020 Chanticleer Authors Conference and  at the 2019 CIBA ceremonies.

    The judges are going to have some tough choices to make with these powerhouse entries!

    Good luck to all as these works compete to for the First Place Category Positions for the I & I Book Awards! 

    The coveted First  Place Category Winners of the 2019 I & I  Book Awards will be selected from the Finalists in the final rounds of judging.  The First Place Category Winners will be announced at the VIRTUAL Chanticleer Awards Ceremonies, which is hosted by the Chanticleer Authors Conference. 

    The First Place Category winners will automatically be entered into the I & I  GRAND PRIZE AWARD competition. The 17 CBR Grand Prize Genre Winners will compete for the CBR Overall Grand Prize for Best Book and its $1,000 purse. First Place Category and Grand Prize Awards will be announced and recognized at the Chanticleer Awards Ceremonies that will be held VIRTUALLY during the six days of Tuesday, Sept. 8 – Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2020.  Hosted by the Chanticleer Authors Conference.



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