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A gentle and patient story, She Sees Ghosts is a unique addition to the historical fiction genre. Take a break from the hectic modern world and get transported to a simpler time where the full effect of the industrial revolution has yet to change America’s face forever.

Mehitable lives with her large loving family in a small town in New England and has been hiding a secret her whole life. She sees the spirits of the departed and wishes they would leave her alone. The town is busy getting ready for the upcoming New Year celebration, which will not only mark the start of a new century but also happens to be Mehitable’s sixteenth birthday. On the cusp of adulthood, all around Mehitable, there is talk of love and marriages, but she does not feel ready and wants to keep enjoying her current life.

After Mehitable rejects the troublesome Anson Smudge, tragedy strikes.  Anson accidentally starts a fatal fire that claims Mehitable’s family’s lives, leaving her to face the turn of the century alone. Years pass, and she slowly learns to live with her grief but is still visited by the ghost of Anson every night. After moving with her friend Polly and her husband Reuben to rural upstate New York, Mehitable begins to see countless souls of soldiers from past wars, and there she finds her calling. By helping these lost souls, will Mehitable find a way to move on?

She Sees Ghost is a perfect choice for readers who like multifaceted stories with paranormal elements, historical fiction, and Christian influences. Fans of coming-of-age stories will especially like She Sees Ghosts as the story centers around Mehitable’s struggles and her journey to help lost souls. Some books are driven by action, while others allow the characters to unveil the truth behind their pain. This is a story more akin to the latter. Fitz-Gerald weaves characters that will live in readers’ hearts long after putting the book down.

David Fitz-Gerald has a knack for writing historical fiction with supernatural influences. She Sees Ghosts is the second in the ongoing Adirondack Spirit Series. In this installment, time is a big theme. Mehitable’s story begins at the turn-of-a-century, where she grows up hearing stories of the fight for independence. She experiences a cultural tradition for storytelling where people look into the past for lessons to bring into the future.

A story about love, loss, and the various forms grief can take over the yearsFitz-Gerald’s She Sees Ghosts is a compassionate tale about a woman using her unique gifts to help those around her, living or long passed.