Interview with Blaine Beveridge – Multi-Award Winning Historical Fiction Author

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It isn't always easy to catch up with some authors. They seem to hide behind their computers or wander on the beach with their dogs... Me? No, I'm not pointing fingers at you, Blaine Beveridge... Well, okay. Maybe I am! Blaine doesn't really talk a lot about himself, in fact, he doesn't really like to have his picture taken. But guess what I found on his website... Blaine receiving The Writers Foundation Award from none other than Mr. Oliver Stone himself~ Check it out!             Recently I was able to catch up with the elusive author and get to know him a little better. May I introduce to you Blaine Beveridge, historical fiction writer and author of, A Bit of Candy in Hard Times... all about rum running in the Pacific Northwest. Enjoy! Chanticleer: How did you start writing? Beveridge: My earliest memory of writing took place in the 5th or 6th grade when our elementary class spent a week at the Forestry Reserve in the Angeles Crest Mountains above LA. As a class, we published a newspaper and I worked on that singular edition. A couple of years later I served as Scribe in Boy Scout Troop 138, followed by service on journalism staffs in junior and senior high school. Chanticleer: So, you've always had the knack. There's nothing like journalism to teach a writer about deadlines, sentence structure, and killing your darlings. What do you do when you’re not writing? [...]