More and More unto the Perfect Day by Ray Harvey

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Bizarre things are beginning to happen to Joel Gasteneau. A  strange illness has left him feeling weak and haunted by vivid dreams, and he feels that he is being followed. Exhausted and fearful, he decides to abandon his life as a pensive drifter and focus on a long-neglected project: To find durable proof for the existence of God. This pursuit will run Joel through a gauntlet of self-discovery, one that will challenge the very limits of his mental and physical endurance. In a solid telling of a complex story of mystery and intrigue, author Ray Harvey assumes the role of  master illusionist.  Clues abound, but can Joel trust them? What is he really experiencing?  Viral fever flashbacks?  The eruption of long-buried memories?  Reality?  More questions than answers emerge as the reader is drawn into another world, where mysticism and philosophy tangle and clash across a stunningly-rendered, often other-worldly landscape. The novel is stocked with well-developed, fascinating entities. Joel's father, Neil, a brilliant and deeply ascetic man, has a weakness for violence and his own definition for the word "blood."  Has he killed in the past? And, if so, will he again, and soon? Another entity is a stranger that Joel encounters called Tom, a sort of  human/alien hybrid, who seems to know too much about Joel's past. Along with these characters are oddly-shaped, silver clouds that seem to be keeping a watchful eye on Joel's whereabouts. The story owns a unique lyricism; one of an eerily faint off-key [...]