ALL THINGS GOETHE! June 2020 SPOTLIGHT on Post-1750 Historical Fiction

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The USA was founded. Napoleon proclaimed himself Emperor. Jane Austin's works were published anonymously. Thomas Paine publishes his treatise "The Rights of Man." These are but a few historic events that happened in the Goethe years. It is our honor to recognize these awarding-winning historical fiction authors whose works educate and inform us about the post-1750s past.

A SEEPING WOUND by Darryl Wimberley – Historical Fiction, Literary, Deep South

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Full of rich and disturbing scenes of life for the unwitting residents of a turpentine camp in the Deep South at the close of the Great War. A gut-wrenching story of one man's search for his sister and one woman's duty to heal instead of harm. This well-researched novel is sure to be appreciated by fans of historical fiction. It pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.