An Editorial Review of “Waking Up Dying: Caregiving When There is No Tomorrow” by Robert A. Duke

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"Waking Up Dying" is a blockbuster; a hit between the eyes. Duke challenges the reader to take those tortuous steps he has—feel his sorrow, elation and pain, walk his walk through the everyday rituals of care, and talk the talk of his analysis of much-needed system reform. This book is a must-read for caregivers. Be prepared for a mind-blowing, ultimately, illuminating and educational experience.

An Editorial Review of “Caregiving Our Loved Ones” by Nanette Davis, Ph.D.

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With its compassionate, yet no-nonsense, approach "Caregiving Our Loved Ones" by Dr. Nanette Davis will be appreciated by anyone who must navigate the turbulent waters of looking after an ill loved one. Dr. Davis reminds us that chronic diseases tend to have two victims—the patient and the caregiver—unless steps are taken by the caregiver to prevent losing herself and, ultimately, her health. Dr. Davis passes on her knowledge to caregivers for dealing with the ongoing emotional, financial and health toll of taking care of someone who will never get better.