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Professional CBR Editorial Book Review

We offer a different rate for Early Reader Books and Picture Books. Please click here for more information.

CBR provides unbiased and objective reviews of books for authors and publishers. We uphold the rigorous standards that readers have come to appreciate and respect.

  • Honest and objective editorial review of 450 to 800 or more words depending on the individual work.
  • Leader quotes for stand alone marketing and book blurbs.
  • Outstanding works are rated with Highly Recommended comments and 5 starred badges.
  • A marketing campaign publishing your review to the Chanticleer Reviews website, e-zine, and e-newsletter to our entire subscriber list, along with posting the review on digital marketing platforms, and pushing out the review to social media platforms, and more.
  • All reviews that are approved to be published on the website, will be published in an issue of the Chanticleer Reviews magazine.

That being said, if the review is not positive, the author can decide not to have it published and posted on-line. If this is the case, then the editorial reviewer will point out specific issues with the work and make recommendations for the author/publisher to take into consideration.

Chanticleer Reviews is aTop Ranked Reviewer on Amazon and a professional editorial review service. We also are highly regarded by the Chanticleer Reviews Author community. Please read the testimonials by clicking here.

We encourage that publishers place blurbs of their Editorial Review from Chanticleer in the Editorial Reviews section on Amazon, GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, and other book-selling platforms along with making them available to book distributors, newsletters, blogs, and catalogs.

Reviews that are ordered may be used in any method of promotion that the author or publisher deems (print, websites, blogs, back of books, catalogs, advertisements, etc.).

We also review audi-books and make the reviews available in text and podcast formats.

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