August Contest Spotlight: It’s going to be a hot summer with our Chatelaine Awards for romantic fiction!

The Chatelaine Awards discovers the best books in romantic fiction and women's fiction. The deadline for 2016 is quickly approaching.

LEARNING TO WALTZ by Kerryn Reid, a stunning and refreshing novel in the Regency genre

This well-researched and beautifully written Regency romance will appeal to anyone who has ever loved and (almost) lost.

One Author’s Creative Approach to Book Signings

"Who says you can only have book signings in bookstores?" - Janet Shawgo, Chatelaine Grand Prize Award Winning Author

DESTINY’S SECOND CHANCE by Kate Vale, a heartwarming women’s fiction novel

Vale has a real talent for drawing characters one wants to get to know, and for understanding the emotional impact of the events that shape our lives. A compelling novel that delicately yet realistically portrays the impact of adoption on all the lives it touches.

The Official List of the Chanticleer 2014 Grand Prize Winners of the Blue Ribbon Writing Competitions

We are excited and honored to have announced the 2014 grand prize award winners at the second annual Chanticleer Authors Conference's Awards Banquet held on Tuesday, Sept. 29th, 2015 at the Hotel Bellwether by beautiful Bellingham Bay, Wash.

Win this STONE SOUP Necklace from Janet K. Shawgo, award winning author

Win this necklace from Janet K. Shawgo, author of the award winning LOOK FOR ME series.

An Editorial Review of “Swamp Secret” by Eleanor Tatum

Clever dialogue, humor, and a healthy dose of romance between Alex and Jillian will surely delight romance readers. Providing a deft balance of romance and mystery, Eleanor Tatum plants intriguing clues and steadily builds suspense in a way that had this reviewer eagerly turning the pages to discover who is embezzling town funds and endangering the lives of its citizens.