Children’s Book Giveaway – “The Secret Astoria Scavenger Hunter” by Susan Colleen Browne

Just in time for Halloween! The Secret Astoria Scavenger Hunt, a new kids' book, is scheduled for a Goodreads Giveaway starting Sunday, October 18! This haunted house adventure will also be a free ebook on Amazon October 27-29!

A stunning new Sci Fi novel: THE GREAT SYMMETRY at Super Launch Price of 99 cents!

If you could hold in the palm of your hand an object that could change the course of humanity’s future. What would you do?

A Sawmill and a Few Gutsy Women: CHEATING the HOG by Rae Ellen Lee is on SALE for 99 cents

Gritty and humorous is what Rae Ellen Lee writes best! Get her latest novel, "Cheating the Hog" for 99cents for a limited time!

Can a Gorilla Identify the Criminal? Read the 1st in the NEEMA Mystery Series by Pamela Beason for 99cents – Left Coast Crime Special

Neema is a "signing gorilla" that is part of an animal communication research project (think KoKo). She is the only witness to a crime. Lives are at stake and the clock is ticking.

New YA RACE WITH DANGER from Award Winning Pamela Beason

"Tanzania Grey is running for her life and never have the stakes been higher. Readers' hearts will be racing as the story twists and turns and the suspense rapidly intensifies in Race with Danger."

99 cents SALE on MRS. KAPLAN and the MATZOH BALL of DEATH

Mrs.KaplanMRS. KAPLAN and the MATZOH BALL of DEATH by award-winning author Mark Reutlinger is on sale for 99 cents on Amazon March 27 – April 9th.

A cozy mystery is a rollicking adventure through a mystery at the Home for Jewish Seniors. […]

Win this STONE SOUP Necklace from Janet K. Shawgo, award winning author

Win this necklace from Janet K. Shawgo, author of the award winning LOOK FOR ME series.

99 cents SALE on LOOK FOR ME by Janet K. Shawgo

A reporter, a healer, and a spy. In this gripping tale of Civil War-era romance and espionage, these three lives are brought together, with consequences none of them can forsee.

Sale on BLOOD RELATIONS by Lonna Enox

When Sorrel Janes, photographer, joins an old friend for a week-long birding festival at a wildlife refuge, she expects reminisces, fresh air, and good photos to sell in her gift shop. Instead, she discovers murder.

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