TIMBER ROSE by J. L. Oakley – 1900s historical fiction in the PNW

Set at a time when the old ways were yielding to the industrial age, "Timber Rose" is a timeless love story with heart as big as the mountains of the great Pacific Northwest.

Largest Book Club in the World Selects Chanticleer Award Winner for 2016 Book Reading List

The largest book club in the world has just announced it 2016 reading list. And a Chanticleer Award winning author is on it! Now this is something to CROW about!

Tree Soldier by J.L.Oakley

In this action-packed, emotionally charged historical novel titled Tree Soldier, J.L. Oakley takes us back to the era of the Great Depression. With millions of Americans unemployed, President Franklin D. Roosevelt devised a New Deal work relief program called the Civilian Conservation Corps.

Some three million unmarried young men went to work in CCC camps across […]