THE COMPASSIONATE CONSPIRACY by Dr. Phil Johnson, a practical guide to connect the world

A practical guide to help us discover our passions and develop a personal plan to help those less fortunate and help breathe hope into the global family.

LIVE LIFE WITH EASE by Dr. Harish Malhotra, a practical self-help guide on self-healing

By weaving humorous metaphors, Dr. Malhotra, psychiatrist, blesses us with ways to confront fear, worry, addiction, lack of self-worth, sleeplessness, and unhealthy eating.

The JOURNEY AWARDS for Narrative Non-Fiction 2015 Official Finalist List

We are pleased to announce the JOURNEY Awards Official Finalists List for 2015, otherwise known as the "Short List" from all the 2015 entries received.


D' Agostino's is a compelling read certain to inspire readers who have endured or witnessed life-threatening events.

PATHWAYS to HOPE by Harish Malhotra, M.D.

"Pathways to Hope" is a wealth of practical advice and messages to help those with personal difficulties and troubling circumstances.

An Editorial Review of “Mixed Blessings” by Harriet Cannon and Rhoda Berlin

Using case studies to demonstrate core concepts of culture that can lead to misunderstanding and strife, "Mixed Blessings" is an indispensable guide to multicultural and multiethnic relationships of all sorts--from husband and wife, to extended family, to co-workers, and more. In today's multicultural world, "Mixed Blessings" is a must read.

An Editorial Review of “Waking Up Dying: Caregiving When There is No Tomorrow” by Robert A. Duke

"Waking Up Dying" is a blockbuster; a hit between the eyes. Duke challenges the reader to take those tortuous steps he has—feel his sorrow, elation and pain, walk his walk through the everyday rituals of care, and talk the talk of his analysis of much-needed system reform. This book is a must-read for caregivers. Be prepared for a mind-blowing, ultimately, illuminating and educational experience.

An Editorial Review of “Caregiving Our Loved Ones” by Nanette Davis, Ph.D.

With its compassionate, yet no-nonsense, approach "Caregiving Our Loved Ones" by Dr. Nanette Davis will be appreciated by anyone who must navigate the turbulent waters of looking after an ill loved one. Dr. Davis reminds us that chronic diseases tend to have two victims—the patient and the caregiver—unless steps are taken by the caregiver to prevent losing herself and, ultimately, her health. Dr. Davis passes on her knowledge to caregivers for dealing with the ongoing emotional, financial and health toll of taking care of someone who will never get better.

Chocolate Yoga by Margaret Chester, MPH, RYT

“There are many paths up the mountain. Find what works for you,” is a sample of the encouragement from Margaret Chester that you will find in "Chocolate Yoga" that will embolden you to begin your journey for better health for your body, mind and spirit—one step at a time.

Crossing The Void: My Aphasic Journey by Carol Schultz

Have you ever wondered what it is like to suddenly become wordless? Words move so effortlessly from our mouths that we take them for granted. Not so with Carol Schultz who now appreciates speech as few do. […]