CROWNING GLORY by Stacy Harshman, an adventure memoir about self-image and anxiety

Fresh perspectives and insights about anxiety and self-image that resonate with emotion while providing readers a fun & candid experience of a fascinating social experiment.

WAKING REALITY by Donna LeClair, a courageous memoir about surviving abuse

LeClair will capture your heart with her direct honesty and fairytale-like prose. Her engaging memoir will not disappoint readers as she recounts the family drama and abuse she survived from the 1960s.

BROKEN PLACES by Rachel Thompson, a memoir of abuse

This candidly and well-written memoir will resonate with childhood sexual abuse survivors and their allies. An impetus for a much-needed culture shift - empowering children to report abuse and for grown-ups to listen to them.

Launch into Boating Season with 5 Inspiring Nautical Adventures

Boating season begins in the Pacific Northwest on the first Saturday in May, a tradition which goes back to the 1920's. To celebrate, we thought we would offer you this superb reading list of true story boating adventures by local northwest authors.

HOME ON THE WAVES: A Pacific Sailing Adventure by Patrick Hill

A story set in the 1970’s that provides remarkable insight into the lives of a family exploring the open ocean and discovering new cultures and people.

JACKIE by John Tammela, a coming-of-age memoir– WWII era

Set in an era of innocence and simplicity, this engaging coming-of-age memoir that is set in the late 1930s and early 1940s is filled with challenge, humor, and self-discovery from the viewpoint of a young boy.

I ONCE KNEW VINCENT by Michelle Rene, a historical fiction novel

Rene’s novel paints a new perspective on the renowned artist Vincent Van Gogh through the eyes of Maria Hoornik. Family, poverty, and genius blend themselves together in a mesmerizing canvas of tragedy and hope.

FIVE THOUSAND BROTHERS-IN-LAW: LOVE IN ANGOLA PRISON: A MEMOIR Shannon Hager – A rare and authentic view inside the US penal system

A rare, vibrant view of a complex, dangerous, and at times, inhuman subculture of contemporary society--Five Thousand Brothers-in-Law communicates a significant and compelling message about the poor and oppressed—whoever they are, no matter what their misdeeds.

SPIRITUAL BLACKMAIL: My Journey Through a Catholic Cult by Sherri Schettler – a cautionary tale

A riveting account of one woman’s struggle to break free of a radical religious cult; an honest and courageous memoir.

The JOURNEY AWARDS for Narrative Non-Fiction 2015 Official Finalist List

We are pleased to announce the JOURNEY Awards Official Finalists List for 2015, otherwise known as the "Short List" from all the 2015 entries received.