The BROTHERHOOD of MERLIN: Book One by Rory D. Nelson – an intriguing twist to Arthurian legend

An intriguing twist of Arthurian legend fantasy with science fiction elements with a lot of battle action. Nelson has a real gift for action scenes.

New YA RACE WITH DANGER from Award Winning Pamela Beason

"Tanzania Grey is running for her life and never have the stakes been higher. Readers' hearts will be racing as the story twists and turns and the suspense rapidly intensifies in Race with Danger."

An Editorial Review of “The Immortal Game” by Joannah Miley

Adults, new and otherwise, will be entertained with Ruby’s experiences as she negotiates the intertwined worlds of mortals and immortals. Miley takes you from Portland, Oregon in a war-torn future to opulent Mount Olympus to the darkest halls of Hades as she keeps you turning the pages in this entertaining novel that successfully intertwines ancient Greek mythology with a contemporary story line that has just the right amount of romance, action, and adventure.