The UNEVEN ROAD: Book Two of First Light by Linda Cardillo — a coming of age novel

Captivatingly infused with raw emotions and haunting memories of race, heritage, culture, and family dynamics of the 50s & 60s.

A TOWN BEWITCHED by Suzanne de Montigny — Middle Grade Urban Mystery

A magical formula for the young adult audience: a high school full of competing cliques; a beautiful, mysterious stranger; a dark, malevolent presence; and a bold young woman to sets things right.

A THEORY OF EXPANDED LOVE by Caitlin Hicks, a bold, coming-of-age novel

Bold, authentic, & captivating --a young teen in the 1960s confronts doctrine when it threatens to outweigh compassion.

EVEN THE SMALLEST BIRD CASTS A SHADOW by Valerie Marie Leslie, a collection of youthful poetry

Filled with spirituality, heartache, and hope, Leslie's poetry collection will motivate readers to delve into their past and youth for strength and inspiration.

DUST ON THE BIBLE by Bonnie Stanard, a moving coming-of-age story

A moving novel with a fresh perspective, "Dust on the Bible"takes readers back to 1944 South Carolina where money was scarce and war was brewing. Readers will be captivated by twelve-year-old farm girl named Lily, who survives tough times with her hard-scrabble family.

JACKIE by John Tammela, a coming-of-age memoir– WWII era

Set in an era of innocence and simplicity, this engaging coming-of-age memoir that is set in the late 1930s and early 1940s is filled with challenge, humor, and self-discovery from the viewpoint of a young boy.

THE TREASURE OF OCRACOKE ISLAND by John Gillgren, third book in the Adventure of Cali Family Series

Gillgren’s children’s series "The Adventures of the Cali Family" offers a third treasure travel story that pushes mystery, family, and adventure into new depths of fun.

BY the SWORD: SPOILS of OLYMPUS by Christian Kachel

Harrowing battles scenes, alliances and espionage, and political intrigue are to be found in this exciting and well-researched Hellenic military historical account.

Editorial Review of “Legend of the Wyakin” by David G. Rasmussen

As chapter one begins, Rasmussen takes us back to June 1865 when the Gold Rush was in full swing, as Captain Phillip La Mar, in the wheelhouse of his stern-wheel riverboat, Jupiter, enters the day's events in the logbook. His major concern is that three crewmen have cholera—the deadly scourge of the riverboats that ply the Missouri River, carrying freight and passengers destined for Fort Benton (Montana) and the goldfields beyond.