The ORDER of the LILY by Catherine A. Wilson and Catherine T. Wilson, a captivating and breathtaking14c tale

A captivating and historically accurate medieval story of spirited twin sisters separated at birth find each other and their power in this era of cruel patriarchal oppression!

LEARNING TO WALTZ by Kerryn Reid, a stunning and refreshing novel in the Regency genre

This well-researched and beautifully written Regency romance will appeal to anyone who has ever loved and (almost) lost.

WAIT FOR ME by Janet K. Shawgo – WWII Historical Romance

The often-unknown role of women in wartime as travel nurses and pilots, as well as the use of herbs for natural healing, add interesting and relative historical content to this engaging American saga.

AGNES CANON’S WAR by Deborah Lincoln — a Civil War Novel

Unlike many Civil War sagas, this one takes no obvious sides. The focus is on Agnes—a vital, strong woman with feminist ideals, and Jabez, the only man smart and determined enough to gain her love.

THE PHILISTINE WARRIOR by Karl Larew, Ph.D. – War, love, politics, and the emergence of chariots

An intriguing version of the biblical story of Samson and Delilah ensues that lays the foundation for more political intrigue, betrayal and subterfuge, and plot twists in ancient Canaan.

The CHAUCER Awards for Historical Fiction 2015 Official Finalists Listing

The Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction Finalists listing for 2015! Congratulations to those whose works made the short-list!

MURDER AT THE LEOPARD by R.M. Vassari and Lucia Olivia Lampe, a historical mystery novel

Excellent debut historical mystery set in Sicily in the thirteenth century. Mystery fans will love this new series!

DEFENDER of JERUSALEM by Helena P. Schrader, second book in historical series

A tale of war, romance, and valor! The second book in Schrader's historical series depicts a cast of vivid historical characters from the twelfth century Crusades.

The CHATELAINE 2014 AWARDS FIRST PLACE Category Winners for Women’s Fiction and Romance Novels

Chanticleer Book Reviews is honored to announce the First Place Category Winners for the CHATELAINE AWARDS 2014 for Women’s Fiction and Romance Novels, a division of Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Writing Competitions.


book award for Romance Novels The Chatelaine AwardsThe CHATELAINE  Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding […]

The LADY and the MINSTREL by Joyce DiPastena, a medieval romance

A rich story of two star-crossed lovers that immerses the reader in the culture, the politics, and the language of thirteenth century England.