CROWNING GLORY by Stacy Harshman, an adventure memoir about self-image and anxiety

Fresh perspectives and insights about anxiety and self-image that resonate with emotion while providing readers a fun & candid experience of a fascinating social experiment.

WAKING REALITY by Donna LeClair, a courageous memoir about surviving abuse

LeClair will capture your heart with her direct honesty and fairytale-like prose. Her engaging memoir will not disappoint readers as she recounts the family drama and abuse she survived from the 1960s.

BROKEN PLACES by Rachel Thompson, a memoir of abuse

This candidly and well-written memoir will resonate with childhood sexual abuse survivors and their allies. An impetus for a much-needed culture shift - empowering children to report abuse and for grown-ups to listen to them.

FIVE THOUSAND BROTHERS-IN-LAW: LOVE IN ANGOLA PRISON: A MEMOIR Shannon Hager – A rare and authentic view inside the US penal system

A rare, vibrant view of a complex, dangerous, and at times, inhuman subculture of contemporary society--Five Thousand Brothers-in-Law communicates a significant and compelling message about the poor and oppressed—whoever they are, no matter what their misdeeds.

An Editorial Review of “Prepare to Come About” by Christine Wallace

This memoir illuminates the struggles and chaotic lives that many contemporary families are challenged with and then goes further. It inspires readers to look beyond society’s conventional solutions and rationalizations to plot their own course."Prepare to Come About" by Christine Wallace is a story that restores faith in the strength and love of a family and will reaffirm your belief that a life lived on one’s own terms is the truest meaning of “achievement.”

An Editorial Review of “Where is Home?” by Anneros Valensi

In 1938 Anneros Valensi was only six years old when she was told to stand up, raise her right arm, and greet everyone with "Heil Hitler." Almost overnight her life changed completely; constant relocation, hunger, and uncertainty became her new reality. Despite the hardships, Valensi dreamed of a better life and transitioned from a childhood filled with fear to young adulthood filled with pride and achievement.