NAZI WEREWOOFS by Karl Larew — a zany and fun vampire spoof for adults

How can a retired college history professor write these amusingly unconventional vampire spoofs? Enjoy with your favorite cocktail.

REMEMBRANCE OF BLUE ROSES by Yorker Keith, a passionate literary novel

A slow-burning, passionate literary novel with insightful facets of complex emotional relationships and awakenings.

THE DREAM JUMPER’S PROMISE by Kim Hornsby, a romantic thriller novel

A mysterious murder and vivid, strange dreams are the perfect recipe for an engaging thriller. Readers who enjoy a good adrenaline rush will find this a brilliant romantic thriller that takes place in Maui.

The Official List of the Chanticleer 2015 Grand Prize Winners of the Blue Ribbon Writing Competitions

The Grand Prize Genre Winners of the 2015 Chanticleer International Writing Competitions were announced at the annual 2016 awards ceremony that was held on Saturday, April 30, 2016 at the Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, Wash. Congratulations!

The CHATELAINE Awards for Romantic Fiction 2015 First Place Category Winners

The CHATELAINE Awards Writing Competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Romantic Fiction and Women's Fiction. The CHATELAINE Awards is a division of Chanticleer International Novel Writing Competitions.

FRECKLED VENOM COPPERHEAD by Juilette Douglas — Best Debut Western

A gripping and compelling novel with an engaging heroine that makes the Old West come alive vivid settings, believable adventures, and suspenseful plotting. Laramie Awards Best Debut Western Novel.

BRAIN by Dermot Davis, a rare species of complete entertainment

Laughs, suspense, love, and a gentle thread of the paranormal are all gift-wrapped together in Davis’ imaginative novel.

BAD VAMPIRES by Karl Larew, a humorous new take on vampires

An entertaining and hilarious read that takes a bite out of what the typical reader knows about vampires.

DESTINY’S SECOND CHANCE by Kate Vale, a heartwarming women’s fiction novel

Vale has a real talent for drawing characters one wants to get to know, and for understanding the emotional impact of the events that shape our lives. A compelling novel that delicately yet realistically portrays the impact of adoption on all the lives it touches.

KISMET OR KAMASUTRA by Martha Rather, Book 3 in the Romantic India Series

An adventure romance that whisks readers away to the exotic setting of India as a woman survives her battle with breast cancer and then decides to pursue her true love. Book 3 in the Romantic India series.