Amanda Hagarty will present “Wattpad Wonderful” and “Social Shenanigans” at CAC14

Wattpad is a fast-growing, influential social media platform for readers and writers that is still relatively unknown. However, she received more than 2,500 reads on WattPad in an amazingly short time period. Discover how this new media tool can expand your readership!

PNWA Presentation – Why Authors Should Use Google+

Google+ TODAY's fastest growing social media platform and is considered to be the most effective social media networking tool available. Put Google+ to work for you! It is free, easy to use, and will help boost your SEO rankings.

How and Why Authors Should Use Google+ by Kiffer Brown

This presentation will shine a spotlight on what Google+ is and why authors and aspiring writers need to embrace this fastest growing social media platform that exists in the Internet Universe. CBR will have more bite-sized information on Circles, Events and Hangouts. We also begin listing links to helpful sites and posts.