CYGNUS Awards for Science Fiction & Speculative Fiction FIRST PLACE Category Winners 2015

The Cygnus Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Science Fiction, Steampunk, and Speculative Fiction. The Cygnus Awards is a genre division of Chanticleer Book Reviews Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Competitions. These 1st Place Category Winners will compete for the 2015 CYGNUS GRAND PRIZE.

The ARIADNE CONNECTION by Sara Stamey, a SciFi Thriller set in Greece

A near-future thriller is a rocket-paced ride that delivers complex, engaging characters in a laser-sharp plot.

The CYGNUS AWARDS for Science Fiction and Speculative Fiction 2015 Official Finalist List

We are pleased to announce the CYGNUS Awards Official Finalists List for 2015, otherwise known as the "Short List." The Official Finalists Listing is comprised of entries that have passed the first three rounds of judging from the entire field of entrants.

An Editorial Review of “Shadow Guardians” by Brett A. Lawrence

"Shadow Guardians" is a science fiction novel that steps away from warring aliens and warp drives. It delves into individual potential. How would react if extracted from normal life and inserted into a totally new construct of so-called “life” while retaining all of your previous life’s memories. Would you take death instead? An exciting ride and a thought-provoking great read!