NARADA’S CHILDREN: A Visionary Tale of Two Cities by Woody Carter – exploring universal values

Explores how culture and religion can separate us or bind us. Masterfully written work that uplifts and encourages!

DECODING the BUTTERFLY PROMISE: Regaining Our Sacred Power by Gail Siler, PhD. — a spiritual journey

This work will raise questions and open doors to different spiritual perspectives. First work in the Godmother Chronicles.

The LIGHT of GRACE: Journeys of an Angel by Kasey Claytor – an epic spiritual journey

Those who enjoy the writings of Deepak Chopra or Wayne Dyer will find this metaphysical journey an enlightening read. Angel Grace's journey spans thousands of years.

An Editorial Review of “Tree: One Life that Made a Difference by Norman E. Kjono

Norman E. Kjono, author of "Tree: One Life That Made a Difference," takes us on a journey to a small valley in the Pacific Northwest where the “lifes” of this sacred place consider themselves to be lifes to preserve their individuality yet acknowledged the plural sense of them together as more than one.” Valley culture is built on the idea that all lifes are interdependent, and that by each individual doing his or her best, the purpose of the Cosmos and Creator will be best served. Owls, deer, beavers, mushrooms, frogs, raccoons, and other creatures including Tree and the Ancients (redwood trees) make up the cast of characters in this inspirational work that asserts that one life can make a difference. And that difference begins with one positive act that in turn inspires another and another.