The ALEXANDRITE: a Hollywood Time-Travel Noir by Rick Lenz

Marilyn Monroe, time travel, second chances-- all steeped in mid-Century Hollywood history, culture, and magic.

TIME TRAVEL TRAILER by Karen Musser Nortman – a quick fun read to take you on an armchair vacation

Historical events bring authenticity, family traits add poignancy, & testy mother-daughter relationships make for a clever story telling.

CATENAE by S.E. Curtis

An ER doctor saves the life of an unusual young woman, only to find himself traveling through space and time, fighting to save humanity's history and future. An action-filled SciFi adventure.

An Editorial Review of “The Inscription” by Pam Binder

When feisty Amber crashes her car into Loch Ness she doesn't expect to wake up 400 years in the past...neither does she expect to fall in love, but that is precisely what happens in this heartwarming romance novel featuring time travel, Scotland, highlander immortals, and legendary love.

An Editorial Review of “Foresight” by Deen Ferrell

Sixteen year old math prodigy Willoughby's life is forever altered by a trip to the barber. He joins a secret society of time travelers, Observations, Inc., made up of a team of hand picked savants, but soon realizes they aren't the only ones in the time travel business.