The CLUE Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Thriller, Suspense, and Mystery Fiction. 

magnifying-glassFinalists will compete for 1st Place Category positions. First Place Category winners will compete for The CLUE Awards Overall Best Book 2013.

The CLUE  Awards 2013 for Thriller/Suspense/Mystery Fiction is a division of Chanticleer Blue Ribbon Awards Writing Competitions.

These Finalists have made it through the first 3 rounds of competition. The first sixty to ninety pages of these works have been read; they are presently making the next series of rounds. From here on out, each round is increasingly more competitive as the judges determine if the works will move forward to best of category.

We are honored to announce the Finalists of the CLUE Awards 2013. 

CBR Official List of Titles & Authors Finalists for the CLUE  Awards 2013  are:

  • Small Town Storm by Elise K. Ackers
  • An Accusing Finger by Richard E. Gower
  • Death Over Easy by Toby Speed
  • Forevermore by JimMusgrave
  •  Disappearance by Jim Musgrave
  • Stray Cats by Geoffrey Mehl
  • Guarding Shakespeare by Quintin Peterson
  • Without Consent by Bev Irwin
  • The Space Between  by  Sydney T. Blake
  • Firetrap by Richard Mann
  • Beyond the Bridge by Tom MacDonald
  • Connections by Sandra Olson
  • Deadly Recall by Donnell Ann Bell
  • Parchman Preacher by Michael Hicks Thompson
  • Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk by Stephen Kaminski
  • Raggedy Man by Clyde Curley
  • The Grave Blogger by Donna D. Fontenot
  • Grind His Bones by Richard Newell Smith
  • Buried Threads by Kaylin McFarren
  • Poe, Nevermore by Rachel M.Martens
  • The Last Dance by Lonna Enox
  • Auditory Viewpoint by Lillian R. Melendez
  • Eleven by Carolyn Arnold
  • Trophies by  J. Gunnar Grey
  • Spiked by Sharron Gold
  • Fyre & Ice by Barbie Ray
  • Third Eye Witness by Kathy Bjorkman
  • Too Many Violins by Mark Reutlinger
  • The Politician’s Daughter by Marion Leigh
  • Blue Coyote by Karen Musser Nortman
  • Peete and Repeat by Karen Musser Nortman
  • Blue Coyote Hotel by Dianne Harman
  • Blue Coyote in Provence by Dianne Harman

Now this is something to CROW about!

Congratulations to the CLUE Awards 2013 Finalists!

  • Good luck to all in the next competitive rounds for 1st Place Categories!
  • 1st Place Category winners will be announced in approximately two months.

We are now accepting entries into the Clue Awards for 2014.  Click here  for more info.