Summer Shorts 2016 Overall Best Short Story/Novelette Writing Competition Official Announcement

typewriterWe are pleased to announce the Overall Grand Prize winner for the 2016 Summer Short Stories and Novelettes Writing Competition. The honor goes to:

        Beyond Vica 

                                                                  by TC Booth

This is a powerful and emotionally rich story about the protective friendship and love three high school students share. When Gabby realizes her childhood friend is losing the battle against cancer, she not only fights for his life but fights herself as she comes to terms with the inevitable. A coming of age story that opens a discussion on the meaning of life, love, and the human condition.

TC Booth is hereby awarded a CBR Blue Ribbon and a $100 U.S.D. purse for winning the Chanticleer International 2016 Short Story Competition.

We invite you to also check out the Finalists who made the short list! Click here for the list.

Honorable Mentions are:

  • Andrea Downing – Dearest Darling
  • Jesikah Sundin – Lynden (TRANSITIONS: Novella Collection / “The Biodome Chronicles #2.5”)
  • Joe Corso – Engine 24 Fire Stories 1, 2, 3

Congratulations to all the Short-Listers and Finalists of the 2016 Summer Short Stories and Novelettes Writing Competition!