Publisher: Franchise Publishing (2018)
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Money Jane won First Place in the 2018 CIBAs OZMA Awards for Fantasy Novels. Congratulations!

Living in a fantastical world filled with magic, and mythical creatures, Kase Garrick is studying at The Academy. His main course of study focuses on becoming a great warrior. As he grows close to his friend Lenia, he’s influenced by what is dear to her. Lenia is working hard at becoming a well-respected and powerful wizard.

But that isn’t the problem. The troubles begin when Lenia’s magical black trident is stolen. It’s a bold and surprising attack by a hooded figure who has the mysterious resemblance and mystical presence of a legendary criminal. A cloaked thief who lived long before their time. Could this be that daring, and feared Money Jane? Welcome to the second book in T. K. Riggins series, How to Set the World on Fire, Money Jane: The Hunt for a Legendary Magic Thief.

Kase’s skills have grown by leaps and bounds as part of this group of fierce combatants in training. Their battle cry resonates as they shout in unison, “Dragoon!” Yet, this adventure will truly test Kase’s fortitude and commitment to what’s right. When Lenia is devastated by the theft of the trident, which is the focus of her wizardry, Kase devotedly fights by her side. He sets out to track down this devious thief and return what was taken from her.

Will Kase be able to match wits with this ancient culprit, and how will he confront him? On his mission, Kase plunges into a magical world that’s full of new people and many surprises – some beautiful and some dangerous. In the midst of all this, Kase and his friends are further challenged in the annual Academy competition. Others at the Academy are plotting to beat Kase’s team at solving the difficult and complex scenarios that require excellent execution of skills from the three interwoven studies:  Warrior, Wizard, and Scholar.

In this school of magic world where balance exists between the strength of a warrior, the intellectual prowess of a scholar, and the passionate magic of a wizard, Riggins creates vulnerable, but eager characters who are learning that “we do our best when we work together.” Dragoon!

How to Set the World on Fire, book one of the self-titled series, won Grand Prize in the OZMA Awards for Fantasy in the 2017 Chanticleer International Book Awards Competition.