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It is said that all is fair in love and war. In this wartime historical romance, young love is put to the ultimate test, and the love of family is strained to the breaking point. During World War II, the occupants of a ravaged England understand that all can be lost in a moment’s hesitation or in a hasty decision. Here, love is under attack by enemies seen and unseen. It’s the uncommon courage of many and the Heart of the Few that can hope to turn the fate of England during these dark days.

Passion drives both sides in this wartime mystery/thriller about people who are determined to make a difference in the outcome of World War II. Like all powerful forces, passion has two sides. It’s a wondrous and beautiful emotion when applied to good purpose, but it becomes horrific and deadly when twisted and corrupt. The question author Jon Duncan asks amidst all the turmoil and treachery, death and desolation of war, is, can love find a way?

As the only daughter of the widowed Lord Ashford, Livy Ashford feels compelled to volunteer – a valiant calling whose father wholeheartedly disapproves. War is too dangerous for a young woman. And, as one of Churchill’s trusted Intelligence officers, he’s well informed about the war news; Ashford knows of what he speaks. He wants Livy to remain protected in the upper echelons of London’s upper-class life.

Jamie Wallace is a butcher’s son who has trained to become one of the new RAF pilots. He is highly skilled and very nervous about his new profession. Regardless, Jamie vows to contribute to the war effort, especially on behalf of his brother, who is badly injured and fortunate to return home at all.

One day, Livy and Jamie stumble across each other on the edges of an airfield. Love strikes at first sight. Do they dare to follow their heartfelt feelings at a time when air raid sirens and bombings prove that tomorrow is not promised? There are many barriers to happiness. Even if there was no war, they come from very different backgrounds, and each is painfully aware of that fact. But not all dangers Livy and Jamie face wear the enemy’s uniform. In the heat of battle, class differences, and unwelcomed attention, the young couple wrestles with how to make sense of their situation, remain focused on the war effort – and stay alive.

Author Jon Duncan presents a story with spellbinding, spine-tingling action, with romantic scenes of breathtaking tenderness. Duncan paints a vivid and well-researched picture of England at this critical time in history, packed full of plenty of intrigue. Duncan has a background in the movie and television industry, which is reflected in this novel. Research for this novel enlists many primary sources, including conversations Duncan had with people who lived the history in the time of The Battle of Britain. Some historical romance novels are read, Heart of the Few is one that will live with readers long after the book is put down. Highly recommended.