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Thriller Suspense Fiction Award

The CLUE Book Awards recognize emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Suspense and Thriller Fiction. The Clue Book Awards is a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (The #CIBAs).

Chanticleer International Book Awards is seeking the best books featuring suspense, thrilling adventure, detective work, private eye, police procedural, and crime-solving, we will put them to the test to discover the best! (For lighter-hearted Mystery and Classic Cozy Mysteries please check out our Mystery & Mayhem Awards). We will announce the 1st Place Category winners and Grand Prize Division Winners at the CIBAs Banquet and Ceremonies April 21-25th, 2021 at the luxurious Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, Wash. at the 2021 Chanticleer Authors Conference–whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person.

These works have survived the infamous slush pile and have advanced to the 2020 CLUE Book Awards Long List. They will compete in the next rounds of judging for the CLUE 2020 Short List.

  • Chuck Morgan – Crime Denied, A Buck Taylor Novel
  • Toni Bird Jones – The Measure of Ella
  • E. Alan Fleischauer – Just Die
  • Grahame Shannon – Bay of Devils
  • Mike Langan – North Country
  • Kari Bovee – Bones of the Redeemed
  • Blaise Ramsay – BloodLaw
  • Elizabeth Lewes – Little Falls
  • Hal Malchow – 42 Million to One
  • Avanti Centrae – Kiss of the Cobra – An M2 Action Thriller
  • Kari Bovee – Folly at the Fair
  • Dana J. Summers – Downhill Fast
  • Rafael Amadeus Hines – Bishop’s Law
  • Ken Farmer – Three Creeks
  • Kevin G. Chapman – Lethal Voyage (Mike Stoneman Thriller)
  • J.P. Kenna – The Anarchist Girl’s Confession
  • John Danenbarger – Entanglement: Quantum and Otherwise
  • Elizabeth Crowens – Dear Mom, The Killer is Among Us
  • Ronald Lamont – Post-Mortem Narrative
  • Chuck Morgan – Crime Conspiracy: A Buck Taylor Novel
  • J. L. Oakley – The Quisling Factor
  • Charles Evans – Love Minefields
  • Sheila McGraw – The Knife Thrower’s Wife
  • Martin Roy Hill – The Fourth Rising
  • Chris Karlsen – A Venomous Love
  • Christopher Leibig – Almost Damned
  • Brooke Skipstone – Someone To Kiss My Scars
  • Brooke Skipstone – Some Laneys Died
  • J.J.  Clarke – Dared to Run
  • Laura Wolfe – Top Producer
  • James B. Cohoon – Do No Harm
  • Megan Allen – The Slave Players
  • Megan Allen – The Meat Hunter
  • Michelle Cox – A Child Lost
  • Valerie J. Brooks – Revenge in 3 Parts
  • Corey Lynn Fayman – Ballast Point Breakdown
  • Kevin G. Chapman – Deadly Enterprise (Mike Stoneman Thriller)
  • Shanessa Gluhm – Enemies of Doves
  • Chris Karlsen – A Venomous Love
  • C.L. Stuart – Raven’s Grave
  • Chuck Morgan – Crime Denied, A Buck Taylor Novel
  • Suanne Schafer – Hunting the Devil
  • E. Alan Fleischauer – Sherlock & Tiger
  • Steve Bassett – Payback: Tales of Love, Hate and Revenge
  • Tina Sloan – Chasing Cleopatra
  • John DeDakis – Fake

Which of these works will move forward in the judging rounds for the 2020 CLUE Book Awards?

Good Luck to All! 

Congratulations to Joanne Jaytaine whose work Salvaging Truth took home the Grand Prize for the 2019 CLUE Book Awards.


Here is the link to the 2019 CLUE Book Award Winners!

Our next Chanticleer International Book Awards Ceremonies  will be held  April 21 – 25, 2021, for the 2020 CIBA winners. Enter your book or manuscript in a contest today!

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We are now accepting entries into the 2021 Clue Book Awards, a division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards.

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