SEO for Authors – Part Three of Five Things Every Author’s Web Site Needs

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The Third Post on the Five Pillars of Effective Website Design will Focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) What good is having a website, if no one can find you? Recap Does your website have these five essential website pillars to be effective for promoting you and your work?   Your Branding Message in a Tagline Calls to Action - Driving Your Audience to Action Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Interaction with Your Visitors Usability and Readability 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Authors Content must be coded in text, not as a graphic It is important for your website to have certain elements in text rather than images so that search engines will be able to find them and then index them (so that your website will come up on browsers such as Bing, Google, Yahoo). Navigation (links that go to other pages on your website), the site title, your book titles, your author name, page titles, and of course, your content needs to be coded in text, not as a graphic with text embedded. Google "indexes" your site following these page links. With so many Google fonts available, it's almost a crime to use graphics as navigation elements. Wordpress automatically uses text for your navigation, and many themes offer background, font and color options to make your navigation menu more interesting visually. Translation: Do not only use an image of your text embedded in a graphic in the header of your website or your digital book [...]