ICED TEE by Cherie O’Boyle, second installment of the Estela Nogales Mystery Series

Estela is an amateur sleuth and psychologist by trade. At times self-deprecating, yet charming with a wry sense of humor, Estela really drives the story forward.

The Official List of the Chanticleer 2014 Grand Prize Winners of the Blue Ribbon Writing Competitions

We are excited and honored to have announced the 2014 grand prize award winners at the second annual Chanticleer Authors Conference's Awards Banquet held on Tuesday, Sept. 29th, 2015 at the Hotel Bellwether by beautiful Bellingham Bay, Wash.

The M&M Awards for Mystery & Mayhem Novels 2014 First Place Category Winners

The 2014 M&M FIRST PLACE category winners will be recognized at the Chanticleer Authors Conference and Awards Gala that will take place in September 2015. The M&M 2014 Grand Prize winner will be announced at the Awards Gala.

An Editorial Review of “The Blue Virgin” by M. K. Graff

Graff’s sophisticated writing interweaves eccentric characters, visually rich locales, epigraphs, and well-crafted dialog that together create a delightfully clever and intriguing mystery. “The Blue Virgin” by Marni Graff is a First Place Category winner for British Cozy Mysteries in the Mystery & Mayhem Awards for Cozy Mysteries 2013.

An Editorial Review of “Murder Strikes a Pose” by Tracy Weber

The writing is fresh, the story is relevant on several levels, and the suspense keeps the pages turning. "Murder Strikes a Pose" by Tracy Weber is a hands down winner!” We look forward to reading more about of Kate's clever sleuthing adventures.

The Only Witness by Pamela Beason

"The Only Witness" is a hip and socially relevant "who-done-it." Beason employs knowing doses of drama, humor, adventure and romance to polish her clever premise into a sparkling jewel; a friendly persuasion of plot and character development that maintains a high level of reader interest and fascination.