TIMBER ROSE by J. L. Oakley – 1900s historical fiction in the PNW

Set at a time when the old ways were yielding to the industrial age, "Timber Rose" is a timeless love story with heart as big as the mountains of the great Pacific Northwest.

The QUEBEC AFFAIR by Robert Penbrooke, a Spy Thriller

A promising entry into the spy/thriller field for the debut author, whose well-researched plotting propels the work to a satisfying conclusion.

The CHAUCER Awards for Historical Fiction – Official 2014 Finalists List

Congratulations to the CHAUCER Awards 2014 for Historical Novel Competition Finalists! They will compete for the coveted First-in-Category positions. We are now accepting entries for the Chaucer Awards 2015 Writing Competition until May 31, 2015.

IN a VERTIGO of SILENCE by Miriam Polli

A grandmother, who immigrated from Poland, on her deathbed reveals a terrible family secret to her granddaughter.

THREATEN to UNDO US by Rose Seiler Scott

The compelling story of a woman’s struggle to keep her German family together in Poland as WWII tears her world apart.

Win this STONE SOUP Necklace from Janet K. Shawgo, award winning author

Win this necklace from Janet K. Shawgo, author of the award winning LOOK FOR ME series.

An Editorial Review of “Daddypaul and the Yo-Yo War” by Karl Larew

Spanning almost a decade of Paul's life, this second installment of Larew's trilogy follows Paul from newlywed to war veteran. Military buffs and romance lovers alike will find much to love in this 20th century historical fiction novel.

An Editorial Review of “Raven’s Run” by John D. Trudel

A covert CIA mission gone sideways, a harrowing post-WWI transatlantic flight, and a research facility with “remote viewing” capabilities: three seemingly separate stories woven across time and locations bring us to the brink of an attack that would annihilate North America in this entertaining and suspenseful novel titled "Raven’s Run."Mechanical techies will enjoy Raven’s Run’s detailing of weaponry and engine mechanics on airplanes and ships, in both military and private use. Trudel challenges some widely held positions on climate change, Islam, the JFK assassination, Vietnam, international incidents occurring between WWII and today.

An Editorial Review of “The Inheritors” by Judith Kirscht

"The Inheritors" by Judith Kirscht is a novel of one woman grappling to find her cultural and personal identity. Tolerance of others and the need for communication is required from each of us is an overriding theme in this latest work of Kirscht that explores the complexities of human nature and family bonds.

An Editorial Review of “Paul, Betty, and Pearl” by Karl Larew

In the summer of 1941, a ship approaches Honolulu. Watching on deck is young Army Lt. Paul Van Vliet, a 1936 graduate of Cornell University who then joined the US Army Signal Corps, in which he was trained in radar and radio/wire communications.

WWII is well underway in Europe, and Japan has begun its imperial foraging […]