THE DREAM JUMPER’S PROMISE by Kim Hornsby, a romantic thriller novel

A mysterious murder and vivid, strange dreams are the perfect recipe for an engaging thriller. Readers who enjoy a good adrenaline rush will find this a brilliant romantic thriller that takes place in Maui.

FRAGMENTS OF YOUR SOUL by E.S Erbsland, a thought-provoking fantasy novel

A mystical world of creatures, runes, and shape-shifters, Erbsland crafts a magical, thought-provoking novel that will engross readers of fantasy and beyond.

RAVEN’S REDEMPTION by John Trudel — a cybertech paranormal thriller

Those who read "Raven’s Run" will want to read this riveting sequel, but those who are new to Trudel’s work will enjoy it on its own if they are a fan of political intrigue, firearms technology, and global thrillers.

THE CLOUD SEEDERS by James Zerndt, a dystopian-future novel

A gripping dystopian-future novel that leaves us questioning just how far are we from a future of environmental chaos, and how blurred the line can be between fiction and reality.

BANISHED THREADS by Kaylin McFarren – a standout romantic thriller

Family secrets, a need for revenge, the heat of romance, a cerebral intriguing plot, and a ticking clock with a killer who needs to exact a unique form of revenge make "Banished Threads" a gripping psychological thriller.

DEADLY THYME by R.L. Nolen — a British whodunit psychological thriller

An intriguing British mystery with a slight Texas twang, Deadly Thyme is a psychological chiller with a myriad of plot twists that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

ENEMY of EXISTENCE by Yuan Jur, a science-fiction novel

"Enemy of Existence" breaks new ground in the science-fiction universe as readers are required to actively participate in unraveling the novel’s plot.

The GREAT SYMMETRY by James R. Wells, a Science Fiction Thrill Ride

When exoarcheologist, Evan McElroy, unearths an ancient artifact, he realizes that the secret contained within has the power to change the course of human destiny – a secret worth killing for – in this sci-fi thrill ride.

DEAD in DUBAI by Marilynn Larew; an international spy thriller

A fascinating femme-sometimes-fatale protagonist takes on the subtleties of international dealings in diamonds, deception and death that are hidden from the headlines. Exotic locales, double crossings, and wry wit ratchets up the suspense in this spy vs. spy thriller series.

An Editorial Review of “Cornered” by Alan Brenham

Detective Matt Brady is up to his eyeballs in work and about to lose his last chance at redemption if his case is handed over to the FBI. This fast and furious read covers multiple character perspectives and leaves the reader constantly wondering what could happen next.The reader spends equal times with villains and heroes, making the story focus more on the people than the criminal acts being committed.