An entertaining and suspenseful cozy murder mystery--a perfect armchair get-away to the Big Island of Hawaii.

Marilyn Monroe, time travel, second chances-- all steeped in mid-Century Hollywood history, culture, and magic.

Weaves science, politics, and religion into a high-octane historical fiction thriller that spans 400 years.

Captivatingly infused with raw emotions and haunting memories of race, heritage, culture, and family dynamics of the 50s & 60s.

Historical events bring authenticity, family traits add poignancy, & testy mother-daughter relationships make for a clever story telling.

A captivating and historically accurate medieval story of spirited twin sisters separated at birth find each other and their power in this era of cruel patriarchal oppression!

Adventure, murder, an eccentric drug lord, psychopathic assassins, mysterious gov't agents -- and a quirky setting: Homer, Alaska.

An illuminating biography of an amazing man who made a difference to so many people throughout his life.

Adventure, heartwarming romance, daring deeds, and a vividly portrayed landscape within this stirring debut Western series.

Captivating and vividly portrayed, "Doctor Kinney's Housekeeper, " is a delightful read that is refreshing and original as it is entertaining.

A fast paced tale of crime, corruption, and destitution in contemporary Rio de Janeiro.

An engrossing tale of the inevitable collision of cultures in the 1860s Old West.

Explores how culture and religion can separate us or bind us. Masterfully written work that uplifts and encourages!

This work will raise questions and open doors to different spiritual perspectives. First work in the Godmother Chronicles.

When art teacher Tory Adams trades in her heartache for a lottery ticket romantic sparks fly in this humorous tale of misunderstandings, half-truths and the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

An intriguing twist of Arthurian legend fantasy with science fiction elements with a lot of battle action. Nelson has a real gift for action scenes.

A psychically gifted woman struggles to integrate her unique gift into a normal life while she tries to solve murders and crime. A mystery romance with magical realism elements!

How can a retired college history professor write these amusingly unconventional vampire spoofs? Enjoy with your favorite cocktail.

History truly comes alive in this Crusades series-Masterful writing takes the human factor to the forefront while action abounds.

Delivers engaging, believable characters infused with compassion, intelligence and unrelenting strength with a level of historical detail, both fact and fictional, that transport the reader to all of the glory and turmoil of ancient Rome.