An Editorial Review of “The Politician’s Daughter” by Marion Leigh

Sergeant Petra Minx is searching for the missing daughter of an influential Canadian politician. Her search takes her aboard the mega yacht "Titania" and into a world of sordid excess, where she is swept up in sex, violence, drugs, and the seductive and ruthless Don Leon.

An Editorial Review of “Raven’s Run” by John D. Trudel

A covert CIA mission gone sideways, a harrowing post-WWI transatlantic flight, and a research facility with “remote viewing” capabilities: three seemingly separate stories woven across time and locations bring us to the brink of an attack that would annihilate North America in this entertaining and suspenseful novel titled "Raven’s Run."Mechanical techies will enjoy Raven’s Run’s detailing of weaponry and engine mechanics on airplanes and ships, in both military and private use. Trudel challenges some widely held positions on climate change, Islam, the JFK assassination, Vietnam, international incidents occurring between WWII and today.