What are your next moves?

What are YOUR Next Moves in 2017?

Five Free Action Items to Strengthen your Author Platform in 2017

  1. Spiff up point of sale information on Amazon Author Central – Read our handy how-to article on using Author Central.
  2. Create your author media kit – A page on your website which contains, at the very least, your official bio, both long and short versions written in third person, your official author image, nice and large, with a good quality resolution.
  3. Write your book club questions – Read our article on how to write your questions and pitch to book clubs, written by two of our speakers for the upcoming Chanticleer Author Conference.
  4. Create an editorial calendar for 2017 – Plan your blog and social posts ahead so you never miss an important time sensitive topic. Make a spreadsheet to track holidays and days devoted to important social issues which you might want to post about such as: Banned Books Week, or Independent Bookstore Day, or Indie Author Day (celebrated by local public libraries).
  5. Make an appointment to meet with your local book store’s buyer – If your books are not on the shelf of your local book store, often all it takes is making an appointment with the right person. If your books are on their shelf already, it’s a good idea to touch base now and then, ask about special display opportunities and events you can get involved in.

Five Ways to Invest in your Author Career Business in 2017

  1. Commission your professional head-shot – Have you been using an assortment of photos taken with your phone for your author photo? A professional photo will boost your confidence and give the impression to potential readers that you are serious about your craft. Show them they can expect your books to be worth the time and money you are asking them to invest, by making a little investment yourself.
  2. Hire a professional cover designer – Take a hard look at your book cover. A good cover can make or break your book sales. Don’t make the mistake of thinking any good artist can make a book cover. There are subtle and even subliminal cues for each genre that communicate to readers through your book cover. Read our article on the concepts professional designers use to create book covers that can mean the difference between hundreds or thousands of book sales per year. It is worth the investment.
  3. Improve your book with editing services – even if your book is already published. The digital age allows for tidying up those little typos and “orphans and widows.” The editorial process is an essential tool for authors. There are a range of services available and every one of them can help improve your book. A better book means more book sales. Satisfied readers will be create buzz, write reviews and become dedicated fans for future book sales. Investing in editing is not as simple as hiring an editor, most editors specialize in one specific type of editing. Read our article on the 5 different types of editing services to understand what you are getting when you hire your editor.
  4. Invest in your author website – If you don’t have an author website yet, you need to get one. If you have a website, when was the last time you refreshed it’s look and design? Website fashions come an go, keeping your site design fresh tells visitors that you are still “there” and they can expect fresh content if they come back often, or a response if they comment.
  5. LEARN – Professional development for authors is never ending. More information exists about writing than one person can probably absorb in a lifetime. You can read books, sign up for classes, get a coach, go out with publishing professionals for lunch or an after work drink to make connections and build relationships, and attend author conferences and stay in contact with those you meet. Make a professional development budget for 2017 to improve your craft as well as your business skills.

What are your next moves? We’d love for you to share them with the Chanticleer Community of Authors!