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The SOMERSET Book Awards recognize emerging talent and outstanding works in the genre of Literary and Contemporary Fiction. The Somerset Book Awards is a genre division of the Chanticleer International Book Awards (The CIBAs).

Chanticleer International Book Awards is looking for the best books featuring contemporary stories, literary themes, adventure, magical realism, or women and family themes. These books have advanced to the next judging rounds. The best will advance. Which titles will be declared as winners of the prestigious Somerset Book Awards? We will announce the 1st Place Category winners and Grand Prize Division Winners at the CIBAs Banquet and Ceremonies April 21-25th, 2021 at the luxurious Hotel Bellwether in Bellingham, Wash. at the 2021 Chanticleer Authors Conference–whether virtual, hybrid, or in-person. Looking for Satire? Keep an eye out for our Mark Twain Long List.

The following literary and contemporary fiction works have advanced from all of the entries to the Long List of the 2020 Somerset Book Awards:

  • Susan Dobson – Bomerang
  • Sara Stamey – Pause
  • R Barber Anderson – Jumeau
  • Gregory Erich Phillips – A Season in Lights
  • Candi Sary – Magdalena
  • Kathleen Reid – Sunrise in Florence
  • Ivy Cayden – Everything All At Once (Chorduroys and Too Many Boys?)
  • George M. Taylor – Careful by the Railing
  • Amy L Cleven – Look Up
  • Kasie Whitener – After December
  • T P Graf – As the Daisies Bloom
  • Patrick M. Garry – The Donor
  • Katherine Johnson – Grit & Granite
  • Jennifer Gold – Keep Me Afloat
  • Catherine Hamilton – Victoria’s War
  • Jessica O’Dwyer – Mother Mother
  • Lauren J. Sharkey – Inconvenient Daughter
  • Pierce Koslosky Jr. – A Week at Surfside Beach
  • Victor Acquista – Serpent Rising
  • John Danenbarger – Entanglement: Quantum and Otherwise
  • Julie Weary – Knowing Marjorie Thane
  • B. K. Stubblefield – Scars of the Past
  • Ted Neill – Reaper Moon: Race War in the Post Apocalypse
  • Dan V. Jackson – Rainbow Bridge
  • Kathleen M. Rodgers – The Flying Cutterbucks
  • Abbe Rolnick – Founding Stones
  • Liana Gardner – Speak No Evil
  • Susan Wingate – How the Deer Moon Hungers
  • Lainey Cameron – The Exit Strategy
  • Barbara Linn Probst – Queen of the Owls
  • Alice Early – The Moon Always Rising
  • Judy Keeslar Santamaria – Jetty Cat Palace Cafe
  • Joanne Kukanza Easley –Sweet Jane
  • Erik Segall – Not Yet
  • Steven Mayfield – Treasure of the Blue Whale
  • Dennis M. Clausen – The Accountant’s Apprentice
  • Ted Neill – Reaper Moon: Race War in the Post Apocalypse
  • Charlie Suisman – Arnold Falls

Good Luck to ALL! 

Which of these works will move forward in the judging rounds for the 2020 Somerset Book Awards for Literary and Contemporary Fiction?

Congratulations to Donna LeClair whose manuscript The Proprietor of Theatre Life took home the Grand Prize for the 2019 Somerset Book Awards.


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