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An Editorial Review of “I, James” by Mike Hartner

2014-12-12T17:14:06-08:00By |

Hartner takes us on the journey of James and Rosalind who are from these very different walks of life at the time of who rules the sea rules the world. Their lives and stories become entwined as they struggle with pirates, slaves and slavers, cruel masters, and just down-right evil bad guys as they each find their way with the help of compassionate friends, determination, hard work, and quick thinking. It is a book that will transport you back to the time of your childhood daydreams of faraway places and distant times.

An Editorial Review of “Where is Home?” by Anneros Valensi

2016-12-17T12:15:40-08:00By |

In 1938 Anneros Valensi was only six years old when she was told to stand up, raise her right arm, and greet everyone with "Heil Hitler." Almost overnight her life changed completely; constant relocation, hunger, and uncertainty became her new reality. Despite the hardships, Valensi dreamed of a better life and transitioned from a childhood filled with fear to young adulthood filled with pride and achievement.