Spotlight on: Chris Humphreys, Best Selling Author and CAC17 speaker

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If you want to know what professional success looks like for an author, look no further that Chris (C.C.) Humphreys – Author, Actor, Swordsman. And try not to look with too much green in your eyes! Chris exudes confidence after having published over ten books, enjoyed best seller status, and won multiple awards. He continues to enjoy […]

Spotlight on: Diane Garland, Continuity Editor and CAC17 Speaker

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Have you even written a story and halfway through your protagonists eye change from green to brown? Unless you are writing a fantasy with metamorphic characters, that is generally not supposed to happen. But how do you keep track of all those niggly details, especially in a multiple book series?

Meet Diane Garland, continuity editor. She […]

Spotlight on: Nicole Evelina, CAC17 Speaker, Author & 2015 Overall Grand Prize Winner

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Meet Nicole Evelina, author and historian. At last year’s conference she was awarded the 2015 Overall Grand Prize at last years authors conference.

And you can find her at the upcoming Chanticleer Author ConferenceCAC17March 31st to April 2nd where she will be teaching How to Use Pinterest to Develop Your Story and Career.

As part of our spotlight series, we asked […]