One Author’s Creative Approach to Book Signings

"Who says you can only have book signings in bookstores?" - Janet Shawgo, Chatelaine Grand Prize Award Winning Author

The Official List of the Chanticleer 2014 Grand Prize Winners of the Blue Ribbon Writing Competitions

We are excited and honored to have announced the 2014 grand prize award winners at the second annual Chanticleer Authors Conference's Awards Banquet held on Tuesday, Sept. 29th, 2015 at the Hotel Bellwether by beautiful Bellingham Bay, Wash.

Chaucer Award Winners for Historical Fiction and Laramie Award Winners for Western Fiction to be Recognized at HNS Conference

Attention Chaucer and Laramie Award Winners! Please read this important announcement!

An Editorial Review of “Propositum” by Sean Curley

Many know the story of how Jesus Christ came and founded Christianity through the death, resurrection, and crucifixion, but is there more to know and understand? Proculus, former Roman senator, seeks to create a unified Rome through the conversion of gentiles to Judaism. He gathers together Saul (later known as Paul), Maximus, and Curia to help him in this historical fiction tome.