E-Book Sales as Core of Your Books’ Marketing Plan by James Wells

To get traction in the eBook market, I tried out new things, made plenty of mistakes, and then had a series of increasing successes. Now I would like to share what worked for me.

Observations from a Discount eBook Promotion by James R. Wells

A discount eBook promotion is an important tool for building your initial readership. But it’s just part of the picture.

The GREAT SYMMETRY by James R. Wells, a Science Fiction Thrill Ride

When exoarcheologist, Evan McElroy, unearths an ancient artifact, he realizes that the secret contained within has the power to change the course of human destiny – a secret worth killing for – in this sci-fi thrill ride.

COMMUNITY MARKETING for AUTHORS by James R. Wells – author of THE GREAT SYMMETRY, a science fiction novel

Your book is your art. It's your labor of love. And that changes everything. Once you embrace this idea, suddenly you can ask where you never could before.

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If you could hold in the palm of your hand an object that could change the course of humanity’s future. What would you do?