Contest Details – So you want to win the $1,000 cash prize for Chanticleer Book Reviews Grand Prize for Best Book 2015

This is How to Get Started:

First, select the genre. Then select the category within the genre. We offer nine different genres; each genre has at least five categories.

Manuscripts and Published Novels compete separately during the first four rounds. CBR does not distinguish between self-published and traditionally published novels that are entered into our writing competitions.

Enter your novel or manuscript into your selected genre. You may enter your novel into more than one genre contest and into more than one category per genre. However, each entry must be accompanied by an entry fee.

  • The Chatelaine Awards for Romance Genre & Women’s Fiction
  • The Laramie Awards for Western, Pioneer & Civil War Historical Fiction
  • The Chaucer Awards for Historical Fiction
  • The Somerset Awards for Contemporary, Mainstream, & General Fiction
  • The Clue Awards for Mystery/Thriller/Suspense  Novels
  • The Dante Rossetti Awards for Young Adult Fiction
  • The Madness & Mayhem Awards (M&Ms) for Cozy Mystery Novels
  • The Cygnus Awards for Sci-Fi, Speculative Fiction, Steampunk, Fantasy, & Mythological, Time Travel Novels
  • The Paranormal and Super Power Awards for Vampires, Werewolfs, super powers, occult,  and extra sensory perception
  • The Journey Awards for Narrative Non-Fiction

Each work entered will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Is the Story Compelling?
  • Professionalism of Editing and Formatting
  • Characterization
  • Continuity of Story-line
  • Satisfying Ending (not necessarily “happy”)
  • Intriguing Opening
  • Uniqueness of Story
  • Writing Craft
  • Story Arc

Contest Details:

Round 1 competition for First Place Category within a specific genre.

Consider Round 1 to be the slush pile for the readers. Your work will be read by the “slush pile” readers of CBR. Readers will evaluate the first chapter of your work. Each reader will vote yes or no on whether or not your work moves forward to Round 2.

Round 2 competitions for First Place Category within a specific genre.

If your work moves forward to Round 2, then the next sixty to eighty pages of it will be evaluated by the readers. If your work has been found to have merit at this stage by the reader, it will move forward to Round 3.

Round 3 competitions for First Place Category within a specific genre.

Works that have moved forward to Round 3 will be read by CBR book reviewers and editors.  By the end of Round 3, the Finalists of the genre division will be selected and notified via social media.

FINALISTS announced and promoted via CBR’s social media. An official list will be posted on the website and in CBR’s e-newsletter.

Round 4

Category Finalists’ works will continue to be read and evaluated to determine which titles will move forward to Round 5.

Round 5 

Any work that has moved forward to Round 5 will have been read completely by judges and editors. They will decide who the first place category winners at the end of Round 5.

First Place Category Awards Winners

First place category award winners will be notified and awarded ribbons, a coveted CBR editorial review, and promotional opportunities.  The reviewers, judges,  and editors of Chanticleer Book Reviews will select the first place category winners.

Round 7: Overall Genre Competition for 1st Place Genre Awards.

Only First Place Category winners may compete for the Overall Genre Competition. There will be only one First Place Genre award for each of the nine genres.  The 1st place award winner for each genre competition will be awarded $250 dollars plus prizes and promotional opportunities. There will be only one 1st Place award winner for each genre whether or not it is a manuscript or a published book. If a manuscript wins, it will be eligible to be  forwarded to literary agents who have contacted CBR for first peeks at outstanding manuscripts (upon author approval). 

The panel of judges for 1st Place Genre awards will consist of published authors from that genre, literary agents, publishing professionals, and librarians. Winners will be notified by email.

Chanticleer Book Reviews Overall Best Book 2015

The Best Book 2015 winner will receive a $ 1,000 plus prizes and promotion.  The winner will be announced at the April 2016 awards gala held at the Chanticleer Authors Conference.  There will be only one CBR Overall Best Book Winner 2015. Only Grand Prize Genre award winners compete for Best Book 2015.

2014 Winners

2013 Winners

2012 Winners

Chanticleer Book Reviews retains the right to not declare “default winners.”  Winning works are decided upon merit only and not empty slots.

We limit the number of entries so that judging is fair and consistent.

Please visit this website often for updates! Please do not hesitate to contact about any concerns, questions, or suggestions about CBR writing competitions. Your input is important to us.

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