I’ll TAKE YOU HOME KATHLEEN by J.P. Kenna, a historical fiction novel

A gripping tome of historical fiction that follows two Irish families who immigrated to the U.S. after Ireland's Great Famine. Well-researched and well-told story of the social, economic, and political currents of the late 1800s.

HIGHER GROUND by McKendree Long, third novel in Western series

From the daily adventures of the men, to an edge-of-your-seat, blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Little Big Horn, (aka Custer’s Last Stand), the author combines his wonderful talent for storytelling with in-depth historical research, placing the reader right beside these men in their final days.

THE PHILISTINE WARRIOR by Karl Larew, Ph.D. – War, love, politics, and the emergence of chariots

An intriguing version of the biblical story of Samson and Delilah ensues that lays the foundation for more political intrigue, betrayal and subterfuge, and plot twists in ancient Canaan.

Three Top-rated Thrillers by Authors Who Have Served Their Country

Three top-rated thrillers with unlikely heroes written by military veterans who are members of the Chanticleer Community!


A Red Cross nurse finds herself in a refugee camp on Cambodia’s Thai border, in the midst of the war between the Vietnamese and Cambodia’s brutal Khmer Rouge.

THE SHELBURNE ESCAPE LINE by Réanne Hemingway-Douglass

True accounts of ordinary people who took extraordinary risks during WWII's French Resistance.

An Editorial Review of “Rhythm for Sale” by Grant Harper Reid, Ph.D.

Reid shares his grandfather’s journey from dancing in broken hob-nailed “tap” shoes to making the Southern Circuit via “country road walking,” to working in Vaudeville, to basement gin-joints, and on to legendary venues such as The Cotton Club and the Apollo Theater. Reid also lets his readers in on the darker side of the Harlem Renaissance, a time of racial segregation, political corruption, and cultural clash that was prevalent during this time period of American history.The book's tempo is fast-paced as the author condenses an encyclopedic amount of events, entertainers, prohibition gangsters, and the birth of a new genre of show business.

Big River Meadows: Eviction from Eden by W. David Jones, M.D.

Big River Meadows: Eviction from Eden is a novella based on a true story written by W. David Jones, M.D.  He tells the story of his father’s boyhood—a rancher’s son growing up on a large Montana spread.  The story propounds that the vigilante law of the old West prevailed as late as 1927. […]