HIGHER GROUND by McKendree Long, third novel in Western series

From the daily adventures of the men, to an edge-of-your-seat, blow-by-blow account of the Battle of Little Big Horn, (aka Custer’s Last Stand), the author combines his wonderful talent for storytelling with in-depth historical research, placing the reader right beside these men in their final days.

THE TREASURE OF CHING SHIH by John Gillgren, a children’s adventure novel

Gillgren offers a fun, suspenseful, yet heartfelt, series: The Adventures of the Cali Family will engage all children in the intriguing wonders of the sea and the thrills of treasure hunting.

THE TREASURE OF MALAGA COVE by John Gillgren, an adventure children’s novel

Book one in Gillgren's children's adventure series will invite readers of all ages to set sail with the Cali family as they search for treasure in Malaga Cove.