KISMET OR KAMASUTRA by Martha Rather, Book 3 in the Romantic India Series

An adventure romance that whisks readers away to the exotic setting of India as a woman survives her battle with breast cancer and then decides to pursue her true love. Book 3 in the Romantic India series.

CONFESSIONS of an ASSASSIN by Linda Heavner Gerald

A young, privileged woman asserts her independence from her family with destructive, life-changing consequences. After years of regret, will she find salvation?

An Editorial Review of “Rebellious Heart” by Jody Hedlund

Based on real people who lived during the American Revolution, Ben Ross and Susanna Smith must make life-changing choices amidst looming threats in the thirteen colonies of the new world.Ross and Susanna risk discovery to firmly stand against family, the law, and the British crown, the greatest power on earth at that time. The novel brings to life the courage many embraced in the midst of their well-founded fear, yearning to win freedom from tyranny in the thirteen colonies.