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An Editorial Review of “Rebellious Heart” by Jody Hedlund

2014-06-10T17:00:01-08:00By |

Based on real people who lived during the American Revolution, Ben Ross and Susanna Smith must make life-changing choices amidst looming threats in the thirteen colonies of the new world.Ross and Susanna risk discovery to firmly stand against family, the law, and the British crown, the greatest power on earth at that time. The novel brings to life the courage many embraced in the midst of their well-founded fear, yearning to win freedom from tyranny in the thirteen colonies.

An Editorial Review of “More Faster Backwards, Rebuilding David B.” by Christine Smith

2016-12-17T12:15:47-08:00By |

The adventure begins when Christine and Jeffrey Smith, searching for an old boat to transform into a small passenger vessel, examine a sixty-five foot 1929 work-boat, precariously moored on Lopez Island—the neglected wooden vessel that hovers near death is the David B. They race against time, money, and natural elements to save the David B—the vessel that they bet all of their resources on in hopes of making their dream of owning and operating a small expedition cruise boat in the Pacific Northwest come true.

“Picking up the Pieces” by Wendy Dewar Hughes

2015-02-07T19:51:46-08:00By |

"Picking up the Pieces," an archaeological adventure, opens with a short prologue, so well done that we are anchored in its stellar writing and professional style. Immediately, readers pass through a portal, created with written words, transported into the living world of the story. We begin chapter one, bracing for an emotional ride filled with suspense.