TOURIST TRAPPED by K. J. Klemme — a madcap international mystery

Madcap, fast-paced international mystery that pits multi-layered villainy against inexperienced, but spirited, sleuthing with a back-beat of newly minted love.

ALMOST MORTAL by Christopher Leibig — a high octane legal thriller

The physical and metaphysical collide in this award-winning legal thriller that promises to leave the reader hungering for more.

BANISHED THREADS by Kaylin McFarren – a standout romantic thriller

Family secrets, a need for revenge, the heat of romance, a cerebral intriguing plot, and a ticking clock with a killer who needs to exact a unique form of revenge make "Banished Threads" a gripping psychological thriller.

DEADLY THYME by R.L. Nolen — a British whodunit psychological thriller

An intriguing British mystery with a slight Texas twang, Deadly Thyme is a psychological chiller with a myriad of plot twists that will keep readers guessing to the very end.

WAKE ME UP by Justin Bog — a psychological mystery/suspense literary work

A Kafkaesque literary trip through the brain of a brutally assaulted teenage boy whose supercharged perceptions expose the secret sins of those he wants to love and hopes to believe in.

The CLUE Awards for Suspense/Thriller Fiction 2015 First Place Category Winners

The CLUE Awards Writing Competition recognizes emerging new talent and outstanding works in the genre of Suspense/Thriller Fiction. The CLUE Awards is a division of Chanticleer International Novel Writing Competitions.

SMALL TOWN STORM by Elise K. Ackers – a chilling and dark contemporary thriller

An intriguing and well written mystery page-turner that will have you double-checking your locks and looking over your shoulder.

Three Spine-Tingling Reads that Will Get Your Heart Racing

If you are a junkie for edge-of-the seat reads, these 3 titles are for you: GRAVE BLOGGER by Donna Fontenot, POE: NEVERMORE by Rachel Martens, and ANONYMOUS by Christine Benedict.

THE SEARCH OF GRACE by James Gottesman, a suspenseful women’s fiction novel

A highly engaging suspense novel that builds tension as a woman searches for her biological family and fights her own PTS demons. A riveting and satisfying read.

GOD FACTOR SAGA SERIES by J. Nell Brown, a historical paranormal series

J. Nell Brown combines elements of paranormal, spiritual, and historical fiction in these brilliant stories that are part of the "God Factor Saga Series."