10 Questions Interview with author J.R. COLLINS – Author Interview, Creativity, Writing

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I first met Joe Collins at CAC18 this last April. He's a tall, quiet man who carries himself with a certain nuance, a particular look in his eyes that lets a person know he's looking for fun. He writes from the heart and although he won 1st Place in the Goethe Awards for 2017, his book could have done just as well in the Laramie Awards. I am honored that Joe took the time to participate in our 10 Questions Interview Series. He has a lot to say and I hope you enjoy this piece as much as I do. Let me introduce you to J.R. (Joe) Collins:   Chanticleer: Tell us a little about yourself: How did you start writing? Collins: I was raised in the Southern Appalachian town of Blairsville, GA. Our whole county had a population of around eight thousand at the time of my birth, 1962. I spent my growing up years helping my father farm beef cattle and attending the local school for my education. I went to church as a kid. Learned a deep respect for a love that would sacrifice itself for me. I believe I was considered normal by the local folks. You knew everybody in my confined, little world, and their business, too, whether you wanted to know it or not. News traveled fast because of how the telephone worked. Most all the homes were on a “party line,” if you had a telephone at all. You knew folks’ business [...]

A SEEPING WOUND by Darryl Wimberley – Historical Fiction, Literary, Deep South

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Full of rich and disturbing scenes of life for the unwitting residents of a turpentine camp in the Deep South at the close of the Great War. A gut-wrenching story of one man's search for his sister and one woman's duty to heal instead of harm. This well-researched novel is sure to be appreciated by fans of historical fiction. It pulls no punches and takes no prisoners.