Jumpstart Your Novel – Masters Workshop

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How do bestselling authors write so many books each year? Their Secret: Many top authors gather in groups to brainstorm the framework of their next novels. Here's your chance to do just that in beautiful La Conner, Wash. during tulip season!

The Only Witness by Pamela Beason

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"The Only Witness" is a hip and socially relevant "who-done-it." Beason employs knowing doses of drama, humor, adventure and romance to polish her clever premise into a sparkling jewel; a friendly persuasion of plot and character development that maintains a high level of reader interest and fascination.

Endangered by Pamela Beason

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Endangered drops us into immediate engagement with its story: a child goes missing, wildlife need protection right now while hunters loom, people are hurried, focused on their own lives, and fallible with their good and not-good-at-all motivations and behaviors. You will find many levels and many stories here, all combined into one. […]